Friday, July 18, 2008

Art Buyers Beware...

Art buyers beware. Here is another reason to work with a reputable art dealer.

In a July 16, 2008 New York Times report, they investigate the dealings of a Michigan-based gallery Park West who make about half of the $300 million annual revenue through sales aboard cruise ships at sea. Several customers have discovered that after purchasing a piece or pieces of art at sea, they return home to discover that the art they bought was immensely overpriced on the cruise. Some of the art were also sold at a discounted price with no sales tax.

Although Park West states that all sales are final, after many consumers' persistent demands, they recently awarded those collectors a refund of their money, which prompts further investigation.

Let this be a message to travelling art collectors: be aware of the signs that point toward an unreputable art dealer. Selling art at a discounted rate is a clear sign that you should proceed with caution. Definitely do your research because you would not want to pay a large sum for an "original" only to discover that the piece you purchased is not an original, and is worth far less than what you paid.


On a happier note, one of Exclusive Collection's Henry Asencio pieces "Quiescence" makes a cameo in an NBC San Diego report featuring the River View Medical Dentist Spa, the first all women's medical-dental spa located in Santee.

"Quiescene" by Asencio, who is known for his portraits of the natural beauty and form of women, is an appropriate choice of artwork for the spa. See if you can spot this work of art in the video clip:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Michael Flohr's "A Slice of Life in America's Finest City"

The success of Michael Flohr's most recent show with Exclusive Collections may have come to a surprise to some, but to us here at Exclusive Collections Gallery in San Diego, it went as anticipated, especially with the increasing international demands for Michael Flohr's work.

"A Slice of Life in America's Finest City" sold out around 7PM Saturday, June 28 during the middle of the second day of the exhibit. The success of the show most likely stemmed from Michael Flohr's rapidly rising stardom in the fine art industry, as well as the appeal that this particular exhibit may have had with San Diego County residents. Alongside many of Michael Flohr's well-known paintings of city landscapes, he also featured impressions of many San Diego landmarks. The most popular piece of the exhibit was "Coronado Beach Walks," a magnificent panoramic painting of the view of the Coronado Beach landscape. This piece also graced the front of the official invitation to the Michael Flohr showcase.

"Coronado Beach Walks" by Michael Flohr

Some of the other debuting pieces include this "Balboa Bell," "San Diego's Historic Gaslamp," [below] and "The Blue Room." [below]

"San Diego's Historic Gaslamp" by Michael Flohr

"The Blue Room" by Michael Flohr

"A Slice of Life" also unveiled Michael Flohr's first coffee table book, City Expressions, which has been in the works for over three years.

It will be available for sale in September, however, you can reserve a copy with your Exclusive Collections art consultant. City Expressions will feature many of Flohr's greatest works to date. The Exclusive Edition of City Expressions comes with a one-of-a-kind hand-embellished fine art canvas print cover.

With the success of the 2008 Exclusive Collections showcase under his belt, Flohr's future bodes well for him, and we are sure to expect high demands for City Expressions.


A Glance at "A Slice of Life"

The Exclusive Collections family poses with Michael Flohr's family in front of "Coronado Beach Walks" at the Exclusive Collections Gallery's showcase "A Slice of Life in America's Finest City" by Michael Flohr.

Flohr with his wife Melissa in front of "Intimate Evening"

Flohr with Exclusive Collections consultant Christopher Cummings in front of "Royal Street"

Happy collectors pose with Flohr holding one of his masterpieces "Ciao Bella."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Exclusive Collections Galleries is excited with the launch of our very own blog!
It has been created as a catalyst between the gallery and our valued collectors, friends and artists.
Feel free to ask questions, post comments and give us insight to your personal experience with art.
Thank you for your patronage! Let the blogging begin...