Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to See the World Like Michael Summers

Michael Summers’s recent appearances at EC Gallery's Historic Gaslamp locale was, for many, illuminating.  Patrons of the gallery filtered in throughout the evenings of February 4th and 5th to catch a glimpse of the 36 year old artist at work.  Summers, always engaging and in high spirits, spoke with many in regards to his technique, unique vision and skillful execution.

Typically, Summers creates the scene he intends to paint by grabbing a handful of toys (some of which he's constructed on his own) and placing them in unique juxtapositions....call it 'Summers-Vision'.   While his work can, in a general way, be placed into a pop-surrealist genre, it is inspired from the child within.  Unlike many of the newer artists working within the parameters of those movements, Summers' unique vision is in no way derivative of other artists' works falling within those aforementioned genres.
Summers then photographs the toys and creates for them a backdrop / setting which lends itself to his vision.  Once the photo is complete, Summers then creates a rough sketch on paper.  Michael adds to that sketch, painting sometimes with watercolor and other times using liquid acrylic as his medium.  When he is happy with the preliminary work, he creates a larger piece based on the former.  Recently, Summers has been constructing his pieces on wood, oftentimes incorporating the texture and wood grains into the actual composition of the piece, blending the natural world's aesthetic with his own whimsy.  
The buzz and corresponding demand for his work has grown tremendously.  See for your own eyes the wonder of Michael Summers’s artistic creations by stopping by Exclusive Collections Gallery and/or viewing them on our website at www.ecgallery.com.

Friday, February 4, 2011


It all begins with a stolen glance. A moment shared or a moment felt between two people resonates for sculptor Kira. These “stolen glances” are the emotion behind Kira’s work and what inspires her beautiful bronze pieces. 

Kira sculpted a new clay piece entitled "Precipice" at EC Galleries in Fashion Valley on Saturday, January 29th. As the artist worked, her passion for the piece poured through. This new figure will eventually become a bronze sculpture and is one of her rare works depicting both male and female subjects together. The delicate balance of male and female in the sculpture symbolizes the dichotomy between the two genders and most importantly, the love shared between two people.

Kira is experimenting with new elements in this new piece such as the circle detail which symbolizes faith and eternity, and the integration of other elements such as the sea shells in the base of the sculpture that she collected herself. Every detail in Kira’s work is carefully thought out and every movement she makes while sculpting her pieces shows the effort and perfection that she values in the creative process.

All of Kira’s figures are conceived from her imagination. After working for four years as a professional artist, Kira’s imagination runs wild with this latest piece. It will be available as a limited edition of 25 when completed and with the beauty and emotion already seen in the early stages, it will undoubtedly inspire audiences and fly from the gallery’s shelves.

Kira is a self-taught artist and has had only one teacher, Richard McDonald, who she credits as her main influence. Another influences that Kira credits for inspiring her creativity is the time she spent in Italy where she was honored in Rome as the World’s Premiere Emerging Contemporary Bronze Sculptor. When speaking with Kira and asking what is next for this incredible artist, she pauses, smiles, and whispers “wherever my heart takes me”.

"Precipice" is already in high demand and Kira is taking orders for her upcoming bronze editions. For more information about Kira's artwork, visit EC Gallery at www.ecgallery.com. You are always welcome to view her work in person at Exclusive Collections Gallery in Fashion Valley.