Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exclusive Collections' Million-Dollar Night

San Diego Magazine's The Good Life: An Evening of luxury...Last week, Exclusive Collections Gallery participated in an open house at a multi-million dollar estate in Rancho Santa Fe where we rubbed elbows with some of San Diego's most affluent people. Exclusive Collections had the honor of coloring the decor of the mansion by providing paintings and sculptures. Artists Steve Barton, Christopher M., and Michael Flohr were present to present live demonstrations of their work. Their paintings along with Henry Asencio and Royo paintings as well as Tuan sculptures also contributed to the artistic aura of the estate.

Here are some picture excerpts of the grand event. Enjoy!

Henry Asencio's work graces a sitting area in the house. From left: "Inspiration," "Red Door," "Haven"

Royo's "Andaluza" overlooks singers belting songs of love.

Christopher M. (top), Steve Barton (center), and Michael Flohr (bottom) discuss their artwork with potential collectors.
Michael Flohr (top) and Christopher M. (bottom) work hard their stations while potential collectors admire their work.

Tale of two Christophers. Artist Christopher M. (left) strikes a pose with Exclusive Collections' consultant Christopher Cummings (right).

Exclusive Collections consultant Aline Spellmeier discusses one of Steve Barton's paintings with a potential collector.

(From left) Exclusive Collections' consultants Bert Dutcher and Richard Hickle, Exclusive Collections Gallery co-owners Ruth-Ann and James Thorn are all smiles at the grand event.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Christopher M on his success with the image for Las Vegas Art Expo 2008 your a rising star

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Christopher M on Las Vegas art expo