Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seaport Village Grand Opening and Mini Show is a Success!

November 6, 7th, & 8th we celebrated our annual miniature show and our official grand opening event at our 3rd and newest location, Seaport Village! Collectors started coming in as the show started on Friday evening to see our new location and the highly anticipated new "mini's" by Flohr, Asencio, Christopher M. and Steve Barton, just to name a few. We exhibited the largest body of Flohr and Asencio originals anywhere in the country. Guest were treated to live music, champagne and wine and a host of their favorite artists for them to meet and have conversations with. Collectors repeatedly commented on how beautiful the gallery looked and had an amazing evening (we had several of our collectors come two night's in a row)! The art was selling, converstion was flowing, and opinions of new releases were being shared. Based on the fact that several people stayed in the gallery past closing time, I'm guessing everyone was having a great time.

If you were one of our guest that weekend, thank you for making it a memorable Grand Opening. If you were unable to attend, sorry we missed you, however we look forward to having you drop by even if just to say Hello!

–Amando Cardenas
Gallery Director, Seaport Village Gallery

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