Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bella Hearts

Valentine’s Day.... a holiday that usually gets a bad rap as the “commercial holiday” where candy and card companies make millions marketing to the love between couples.

Often times we forget that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be filled with love and appreciation for all the people in our lives and is a time to celebrate these meaningful relationships.  These people can include your friends, family, often times a significant other, or even your loveable house pet.  The Bella Hearts collection is made by three generations of beautiful artists; daughter, mother, and grandmother, and symbolizes the original sentiments of Valentine’s Day. 

The three generations of women, grandmother Gloria Lee, daughter Ruth-Ann Thorn, and grand-child Isabella Thorn, all contribute their artistic talents to create a truly special work. Each Bella Heart is a handmade original and made with the infused love of family. 

The various color palettes range from bold pinks to pastel greens and are the perfect way to show your love towards someone special in your life. Add a custom message to personalize your Bella Heart and surprise someone with a unique and unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

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